35 Time Wasting Activities You Can Stop Today

Stop Time Wasting

I recently completed a time tracking activity in the post “How Tracking Your Time Daily Can Help You Get More Things Done”. It did wonders for my productivity and allowed me to get more done each day. I identified all the activities that I really shouldn’t have been doing. Those that were wasting my time. Doing this managed to save me 25 hours a week in time!

I have captured all these time wasting activities, along with those of my clients in this one post.

This should help you single out your own activities and help you eliminate them from your day.

Let’s get started.

Here are 35 Ways You’re Wasting Time Today:

  1. Sitting in front of the TV watching something that you are not interested in. How many hours have you wasted away in front of the TV?
  2. Going out of your way to save a bit of money.  Like driving to the shops further away to get a discount on something. Let’s say you save £5? was an hour of your time worth it?
  3. Scrolling through social media without any intention of being ‘social’. When you log onto social media, do you actually interact with people, or do you just open it to scratch that compulsive itch?
  4. Spending time with negative people. They are draining away your motivation.
  5. Reading the news. Most news is bad news, so is it worth worrying about?
  6. Multi-tasking. Trying to do two things at once and not doing either task particularly well.
  7. Writing an email. When you could pick up a call to them instead.
  8. Being messy. How much time to spend looking for the TV remote?
  9. Indecision. Spending your time and energy trying to make a decision about something
  10. Saying yes to a social event. How many times have you gone to an event that you really don’t want to go to?
  11. Taking calls throughout the day. Calls should be done on your convenience, not other peoples.
  12. Working in an environment where you can’t focus. Like trying to work from home, or complete an important project while looking after the kids.
  13. Working late. Like trying to do something important too late in the day when you are tired.
  14. Having large to-do lists. Having too much on your to-do list that you are paralysed and overwhelmed.
  15. Over-planning your day. Planning in too much in the day that you are so rushed, you are making mistakes.
  16. Taking part in gossip. Getting involved in office chat and not having a meaningful conversation with someone.
  17. Getting hung up on something you can’t change.  
  18. Allowing notifications on your devices. Letting them distract you throughout the day.
  19. Scrolling through the web with no purpose. Just clicking link to link with no intention of learning anything new.
  20. Depriving yourself of sleep across the week. Trying to work, when you are overtired and overworked.
  21. Not having a plan. Not knowing what you want to accomplish today, so you wake up with no purpose.
  22. Doing tasks in a non-organised way. Like going to the shops, then later in the day going to the shops again because you didn’t plan ahead and forgot something you needed.
  23. Making someone else’s priorities your own. Like completing someone else’s urgent project, ahead of your own project.
  24. Doing your grocery shopping in a store. It might cost you to get your shopping delivered, but think about the petrol and time savings by ordering online.
  25. Commuting to work. You might not be able to stop commuting to work, but why don’t you make use of the time, by listening to an audio book while you drive.
  26. Or, if you catch the train. You could bring your kindle with you and read a book while you are commuting your day away.
  27. Dozing in bed in the morning. Do you ever feel better when you doze in bed? You should either get up or stay in bed!
  28. Using your digital devices before you go to bed. Not letting your mind switch off and wind down before going to bed.
  29. Attending pointless meetings. How many times have you sat in a meeting and wanting to climb the walls?
  30. Being negative towards someone. You know the saying, if you can’t say anything nice….
  31. Taking too many stimulants. Have you ever drowned yourself in too much coffee? Your be flat as a pancake in no time.
  32. Doing other people’s work. Do you like collecting monkeys that aren’t yours?
  33. Filling your car with fuel, little and often. Do you really think you save that much money by filling your car up every so often to keep the fuel consumption down?
  34. Buying your lunch out. How much time do you waste trying to decide what to eat? What about the traveling time to get lunch every day? It soon adds up!
  35. Doing the dishes more than once a day. This might be pushing the hygiene boundaries, but why switch between tasks and wash up three times a day?

That’s the lot for now. I will keep updating this list as I come across more and more time wasting activities. If you want tools and techniques that will help you eliminate these activities then click here and read my posts on productivity.


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